Born in South Africa on the campus of an Adventist high school, Ingrid has lived all her life on Adventist school campuses. She has lived in Zimbabwe, the Philippines, Palau, Kenya, the United States, and just moved to Lebanon. Ingrid attended Maxwell Adventist Academy in Kenya for high school and then went to Southern Adventist University and Union College for her bachelor’s degree. She graduated with a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. For the last four years, Ingrid has been working in the public relations department at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in the Philippines.

Ingrid first heard about the opening in the Office of Communications when four people sent her the job description in the same weekend. What surprised her was that these four people didn’t know each other. She convinced herself she wasn’t ready to move and didn’t pursue it. Over the next few months God continued to impress on her that this was the direction He wanted her to go.

“I know without a doubt that God wants me here,” she says. “He has made that abundantly clear in so many ways, both in my personal prayer life with Him and in interactions with other people. I’m excited to see what will happen in the Office of Communications, how I can contribute, and what I can learn. I love the team I work with and am looking forward to how we can work with the tremendous potential and opportunities that we have. We want to put MEU on the map both in the Seventh-day Adventist educational realm and in the Middle East.”

In her free time, Ingrid enjoys writing, sports particularly volleyball and football, and humanitarian missions. She also loves traveling and has been to 12 countries on 3 continents–North America, Asia and Africa. She plans to soon add her 4th continent, Europe, as it’s so close to Lebanon.


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