MEU Welcomes Sara Saunders!

Sara Saunders, the latest staff addition to MEU, arrived in Lebanon in early October to serve as MEU’s service learning coordinator. She will be facilitating opportunities for university students to use their skills and what they are learning to help improve their community.

Although Sara is originally from the United States, she considers herself a citizen of the world. She has lived in the United States, Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand, Mexico, Uganda, Tanzania, and now Lebanon. Before moving to Beirut, Sara was working as an Education Program Officer for World Vision Uganda.

Sara graduated from Walla Walla University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. With a passion to serve disadvantaged populations, Sara decided to focus her master’s degree in development. She is completing Master of Science in Global Community Development from Southern Adventist University.

Through the years Sara has always wanted to help influence the world through education. She believes it to be the foundation of making a difference in the world. After completing her undergraduate degree, Sara decided to combine two of her passions: education and developing communities.

“When we have gifts we need to give back. We need to use the skills and resources that we have and give them back. Give of yourself to build up the whole community,” said Sara. “I’m passionate about the whole community taking part in making sure kids are learning and growing healthfully and helping families and communities to support their children’s learning.”

When asked about her role at MEU, Sara said, “I’m excited to see students put their skills into practice and develop their character to become service-oriented leaders.”

Some of Sara’s hobbies include drama (acting), singing, reading, writing, cooking, traveling, learning new languages, and making friends in new cultures. She is looking forward to exploring the Middle East while she is here.

We are excited that she has joined the MEU family. Welcome, Sara!



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