MEU Assembly Inspires Students to Serve

Middle East University hosted the Association for the International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce (AIESEC) on Wednesday, March 1, during their semimonthly assembly about student service and leadership. AIESEC representatives spoke about the importance of youth-led service both in Lebanon and around the world. Global Volunteer, Global Talent, and Global Entrepreneur are the three programs AIESEC created. These programs encourage young adults to gain professional experience and build leadership skills while empowering them to change the world.

“We invited AIESEC in the hopes of inspiring our students to use the skills they have now to contribute to a better Lebanon and a better world,” said Sara Saunders, MEU service learning coordinator.  

During the assembly MEU students and faculty learned about AIESEC’s history and mission. An AIESEC representative shared some ways students could get involved. Lebanon AIESEC President Katie Crow explained the organization’s vision to strive to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. Their exchange program give young adults the opportunity to see the world, understand it, and gain the ability to make proactive change.

“I like the opportunity to travel, to explore other cultures and help people while building your leadership skills,” said MEU freshman, Naissa N’Diaye.

MEU believes in equipping students with necessary skills to serve their communities and God. This school year a service learning program was added for students to have more opportunities to use their professions and talents to help make a difference in their community.

There are pictures of the assembly on Facebook.

by: Natasha McWilliams-Nasser


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