Welcome from the President

Since 1939, Middle East University (MEU) has been enthusiastic about supporting students aspiring to reach their best. Our legacy of diversity, within our student body and among our faculty, sets us apart from other Universities. But I take the greatest pride in our passion for educating students.

Having come from a family of educators and having been directly involved in education throughout my career, I feel I have the soul of a student. Approaching education from this perspective, I believe education is about exploring together with the students and going on a journey with them.

As individuals continue their academic journey in higher education, it is important that they find an institution that will guide them in the direction of future success. At MEU, we foster an environment where the staff shares my personal commitment to a lifetime of learning. It is our goal to hear students say that their time at our institution was a period that changed their lives for the better.

As you continue your education, we hope that you will consider MEU and the valuable educational experience we can provide.

With warm regards,

Leif Hongisto, PhD

President of Middle East University