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HISTORY OF MEU HISTORY OF MEU From our establishment in 1939, Middle East University (MEU) has strived to be a diverse institution accepting of people from all cultures and backgrounds. As a higher-education institution operated by the global Seventh-day Adventist denomination, MEU is connected to the second largest Christian education system in the world; second only to that of the Roman Catholic Church. This allows the University to benefit from a constant flow of international staff and students from throughout the world, fostering an intellectually and internationally open environment. Originally founded as the...
Campus Campus MEU’s unique location sets us apart from other institutions of higher education throughout Lebanon. Our University is situated on 30 hectares of lush green hillside in Sabtieh and we prides ourself as possessing one of the remaining “green areas” at the outskirts of Beirut’s urban sprawl. In a survey recently distributed to students, nearly 60% listed the campus environment as their favorite aspects of the University. Visitors to campus consistently comment on MEU's incredible environment, the breathtaking view of Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea, and the peaceful atmosphere pervading...
Academics Academics For over 70 years, MEU has been educating and empowering students to reach their best. As a well established educational institution within Lebanon, we take pride in our academics. However, we also endeavor to foster a nurturing environment between students and instructors. Our staff take a vested interest in students as individuals, encouraging their future success. As a Christian university, we also promote the spiritual development of our students. It is our earnest desire that upon graduation, students will view their time at MEU as having been intellectually, socially, and spiritually st...

SA Welcome Party Encourages Student Unity and Camaraderie

13-10 SA Welcome Party 2Students from both the dormitories and the community united at Zone restaurant Saturday night, October 12, to celebrate the commencement of a new school year. Although the academic semester began three weeks ago, the Student Association wanted to use the night as a means to make students feel officially welcome and to celebrate the unity they hope to share throughout the year. The night included a multiple-course meal, lots of socializing, and live music.

“We as SA prepared the student welcome party basically to make our students know they are indeed welcome and to have them integrated into our academic community”, said Alex Podbrezsky, the SA faculty sponsor. “The SA was very good in organizing this and we’re hoping that the same zeal and level of anticipation is shown for planned events in the future.”

The Welcome Party began at 8:30 p.m. as students partook of a variety of traditional Lebanese dishes. Students wore semi-formal attire for the banquet whose environment was notably festive. Participants evidently enjoyed one another’s company, as the festivities lasted into early the next morning.

13-10 SA Welcome PartyZone, the previously mentioned manoushee restaurant located in Mansourieh that served as the event’s venue, was chosen because of its location, food, atmosphere, and service. It’s located on a serene hill overlooking the beautiful Beirut skyline, and it perfectly suited the student activity. “We tried to figure out a suitable place for both eating and music”, said SA Social Activities Coordinator Bassam Abdalla. “We asked students about it and a high percentage of students attended, meaning that they must have liked the location we chose.”

The SA feels that the event was successful, as Abdalla has noticed students already giving members positive feedback. “They said they enjoyed getting to know each other better, in addition to the food and the music.” A lively local Lebanese singer, who got the audience clapping and participating in the performance, provided the entertainment at the start of the night. Later on in the evening, the vocalist gave way to a DJ playing traditional Arabic tracks.

13-10 SA Welcome Party 3The event was largely part of an SA initiative to plan more social activities throughout the course of the year. SA members, alongside their faculty sponsor, plan on taking feedback from the event, both positive and negative, into consideration when planning future events. “Most of [the students in attendance] thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Throughout the evening they expressed a wish to see more activities organized by SA”, reiterated Podbrezsky.

The Student Association is already making plans to follow through with student-expressed desires for more planned activities. Plans are currently underway for a biking trip early next month, in addition to Christmas festivities. MEU’s SA is always open for suggestions and encourages individuals to contact one of their officers or SA Sponsor for proposals. The Student Association is excited about planning upcoming events, and they look forward to even more student participation in the future.

Written by Chandler Jordana
Photos by Ryan McCabe