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HISTORY OF MEU HISTORY OF MEU From our establishment in 1939, Middle East University (MEU) has strived to be a diverse institution accepting of people from all cultures and backgrounds. As a higher-education institution operated by the global Seventh-day Adventist denomination, MEU is connected to the second largest Christian education system in the world; second only to that of the Roman Catholic Church. This allows the University to benefit from a constant flow of international staff and students from throughout the world, fostering an intellectually and internationally open environment. Originally founded as the...
Campus Campus MEU’s unique location sets us apart from other institutions of higher education throughout Lebanon. Our University is situated on 30 hectares of lush green hillside in Sabtieh and we prides ourself as possessing one of the remaining “green areas” at the outskirts of Beirut’s urban sprawl. In a survey recently distributed to students, nearly 60% listed the campus environment as their favorite aspects of the University. Visitors to campus consistently comment on MEU's incredible environment, the breathtaking view of Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea, and the peaceful atmosphere pervading...
Academics Academics For over 70 years, MEU has been educating and empowering students to reach their best. As a well established educational institution within Lebanon, we take pride in our academics. However, we also endeavor to foster a nurturing environment between students and instructors. Our staff take a vested interest in students as individuals, encouraging their future success. As a Christian university, we also promote the spiritual development of our students. It is our earnest desire that upon graduation, students will view their time at MEU as having been intellectually, socially, and spiritually st...

International Students

International Applicants

internationalInternational applicants are reminded that application procedures may take time, and those needing a visa to enter Lebanon must allow for ample time for formalities. It is advisable to allow time for the application form, the supportive documents, recommendations, and the application fee to reach the university three months before the beginning of the semester. International applicants must pay an advance deposit and are required to present a satisfactory budget for financing their studies and living costs at the university. Under no circumstances should international applicants come to the university before receiving an official letter of acceptance from the university. Upon arrival in Lebanon, international applicants must come directly to Middle East University.

International applicants may be required to supply certain medical records as requested by the university and should have passports that are valid for a period not less than one year from the date of joining the university. It is their responsibility to secure an entry visa to Lebanon from the Lebanese consulate in their country and to maintain their student visa status at all times. The university will assist registered international students in acquiring residence permits from the local authorities. International undergraduate students are expected to carry a full course of study—a minimum of 12 credits per semester and six credits in the summer session, in order to maintain their international student status.

International applicants to the Freshman Class are required to sit for and pass both the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Tests prior to registration for the Freshman Class in order to acquire equivalency of their degree programs from the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education.