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A Vaccinated MEU Community

July 21, 2021

Dear Middle East University Students:

We are looking forward to meeting together again for in-person classes and university life as we approach the Fall Semester of 2021-2022.

However, returning to normal life is largely achievable with immunization. A vaccinated MEU community will make it possible for everyone to return to campus. 

The decision to be vaccinated is yours to make. However, we do recommend that members of the MEU community (students, staff, and faculty) be vaccinated to protect the safety of the community. We want to hold in-person classes in safety, and we want you to be able to return to a more comfortable learning experience. 

For the safety of everyone, those who waive receiving the vaccine may be restricted from participating in certain academic experiences, social events, work responsibilities, or aspects of campus life. 

Thus, as a personal choice, members of the MEU community may submit a waiver request for vaccination. Waivers will be approved on a case-by-case basis by the MEU Administration. You can view the waiver in the “Vaccination Waiver Request.”

Those who submit a waiver to decline vaccination will need to continue to wear a mask at all times, except when at home, or in a dorm room.  They will also need to maintain all other precautions.  Foregoing vaccination may restrict their ability to participate in academic, social, work, and campus activities. 

By vaccinating our community, we are better able to protect each other. 

You can find out more about how the vaccines work ( about their safety ( the World Health Organization. 

Additionally, the American University of Beirut published a study which models the efficacy of vaccine roll out in Lebanon: (

This study estimates that 80% vaccination coverage would save a significant percentage of lives and prevent hospitalization in the population of Lebanon. 

Through our partnership with University of Saint Joseph, any MEU student can receive the Pfizer vaccine. This is free, without cost. 

If you have not yet signed up for our vaccination campaign, please email Ryan Eusoya and register through Lebanon’s Ministry of Public Health vaccination platform COVAX. 

You can find the instructions for registering through COVAX here: (

All MEU students in Lebanon, whether you are a new student this coming year or a returning student, can take their first Pfizer shot this month. Please register if you have not done so.

If you are a new or returning MEU student currently outside of Lebanon, we encourage you to obtain vaccination in your country, one that is authorized by your government’s Department or Ministry of Health. But if you are unable to receive a vaccination in your home country, you may receive the Pfizer vaccination when you are in Lebanon. 

You can find out more about our vaccination plan and policy in “A Vaccinated MEU Community.” 

We hope to see you soon! Although we see challenges in our everyday lives, we are committed to providing you a quality university education. Our circumstances do not need to discourage us from pursuing a meaningful learning experience. Meeting together once again for classes, activities, and friendship is something we can look forward to with gratitude.

God willing, we will see all of you safely on campus for in-person classes for this coming Fall Semester. Welcome back to MEU. 

Middle East University Administration

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