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Welcoming Our International Students

July 22, 2021

Dear Middle East University Students:

We are excited to welcome back our international students to MEU campus for this Fall Semester 2021-2022. We miss you, and we cannot wait to see you again! With classes returning to in-person mode of delivery, we hope you will begin to experience a more comfortable learning environment. 

To our new international students, you are most welcome here in MEU and Lebanon. We pray for your safe travels as you make your way to your new home. You are privileged to participate in face to face classes for the first time in a long time. 

We have some information to share with you in preparation for your arrival.

We recommend that prior to arrival in Lebanon, our international students be fully vaccinated in their home countries by vaccines approved by their government’s Department or Ministry of Health.  Those who are fully immunized prior to arrival in Lebanon will not require quarantine, unless you are coming from countries listed below.

For international students who are not able to obtain vaccination, new students should plan to arrive by August 19 at the latest in order to complete a 3 day campus isolation before an in-person orientation.  Returning international students should plan to arrive no later than August 22.  

Please note that you are currently also required to have a negative PCR test in your home country prior to boarding on a flight to Beirut. However,  if you are fully vaccinated and have a vaccination certificate, you may or may not need a PCR test in your home country before boarding your flight to Beirut.  You will need to check on this with your airline as you make plans to travel to Beirut.

International arrivals will be tested for COVID at the airport upon arrival and then you will be isolated on campus until negative PCR results are available. 

Students arriving from or transiting through Brazil, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, U.A.E. or the UK need to contact us about their specific procedures for arrival. 

To be fully vaccinated means that you have received 2 doses of an approved vaccine in your country and are at least 2 weeks after the 2nd dose. You will still be required to be Covid tested at the airport, and may need to be isolated on campus until negative results are made available.

For questions about COVID safety for arrival, quarantining, and returning to the dormitory, please contact your residence hall deans.  

Repairing North Hall

Some of you were here on campus almost one year ago when the explosion at the Beirut port happened. We were thankful that all of us were safe and there appeared to be minimal damage to our buildings. However, we have found that the blast affected the North Hall building more than what we could initially observe. While North Hall remains structurally safe, we are working with engineers to make the necessary structural repairs to keep North Hall functioning for years to come. 

The engineering plan to repair North Hall may require our female dormitory residents be housed in alternative housing or to reside in one half of North Hall while the other side is renovated. Please watch out for announcements from us as we prepare a workable, safe, and comfortable living arrangement for you. We want to assure you we are able to provide the housing needs for our female students and all our students on campus. 

Considering the current situation in the country, it is highly advisable for our international students to continue to reside on campus. We are blessed to have resources that continue to provide electricity, water, and internet for our campus students. 

We hope to see you soon! 

Safe journeys as you return to Lebanon and MEU for this Fall Semester. Our faculty and staff will be here to welcome you back with open arms. Your friends will be here to encourage you and share smiles once more. Your university family is here. Welcome back to MEU. 

Middle East University Administration

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