Academic Continuity Plan for Fall Semester 2023

October 24, 2023

Many of us have been following with great concern the tragic events of the last 2 weeks close to the Southern border of Lebanon. The administration is monitoring the situation from a variety of dependable sources. While it is impossible to know with certainty to what extent it may escalate or how soon it will end, MEU wants you to know that we are committed to your well-being and that we desire to continue to support you in your academic progress.

The Academic Affairs Committee has formulated an Academic Continuity Plan (ACP), for the remainder of the current semester, Fall 2023. It recognizes the uncertainty that some members of the MEU community are experiencing. The purpose of the ACP is to enable all students to complete the semester and to mitigate the effects of any disruptions while maintaining the same academic standards.

Academic Continuity Plan for Students

Academic Continuity Plan for Faculty

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