Welcome to our English Language Institute page! Our English program is part of Middle East University (MEU), and we are located on the MEU campus.

The English Institute is a full-time English program that aims to help students whose first language is not English to develop the language skills needed to function in English, as well as the academic skills needed to succeed in university. The program is designed to improve the English comprehension and speaking, as well as reading and writing skills through the study of reading, grammar, vocabulary, composition, oral and aural practice.

Our English program is open to all students whether they intend to pursue a degree at Middle East University or not.

Why should you choose MEU English Language Institute?

  • Full English Immersion. Students who choose to study English at our center have the daily opportunity to be fully immersed in an English language environment in which they attend classes 15 to 20 hours per week, spend time with their teachers and classmates doing assignments and projects, and improve their language skills on a campus where English is the official language spoken.


  • A Unique Learning Approach. Other than offering courses for all language skills, we also offer a unique learning approach in which we work on students’ mental, social, emotional, and spiritual development. As part of this holistic development, our students have different opportunities to travel both in Lebanon and in other countries in the Middle East, develop everlasting friendships, and serve the community.


  • Experienced ESL Instructors. Students who choose our program will be taught by well-prepared instructors who have years of teaching experience and an international background living in different countries around the world, offering students a cultural experience that goes beyond just the classroom.


  • Small Class Sizes. Our class sizes typically include up to 10 students, which offers students an individualized language learning experience in which they can improve their language skills much faster


What Levels Do We Offer?

 The English Language Institute offers basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of preparatory university-level language courses for students wishing to learn or improve their English. Students are placed in one of the three levels based on the score of their English language entrance examination.

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What English Courses Do We Offer?

At the basic and intermediate levels, we offer four courses: Reading, Writing, Listening/Speaking, and Grammar, for a total of 20 class hours per week. At the advanced level, we offer three courses: Reading, Writing, and Grammar, for a total of 15 hours per week.

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Contact us at english.institute@meu.edu.lb to get in touch with us!