Welcome to the English Language Institute website! Our English program is part of Middle East University (MEU), and we are located on the MEU campus.

The English Language Institute is a full-time English program that aims to help students whose first language is not English to develop the language skills needed to function in English, as well as the academic skills needed to succeed in university. Our program is open to all students whether they intend to pursue a degree at Middle East University or not.


Full English Immersion. English is the official language of Middle East University. Our body of administrators, faculty, staff, and students comprises people from over 30 countries, making MEU an “English Community” where students have a full-immersion experience.

Experienced ESL Instructors. All our instructors are highly trained and prepared in English, with years of experience teaching and living in different countries around the world, offering students an experience beyond just the classroom.

A Unique Learning Approach. Besides offering language courses, we also provide a unique learning approach in which we develop students’ mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual development.

Small Class Sizes. Our classes typically include up to 10 students, which offers students an individualized language learning experience in which they can improve their language skills much faster.


The English Language Institute offers basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of preparatory university-level language courses for students wishing to learn or improve their English.

Students are placed in one of the three levels based on their English language entrance examination score, so the first step to start studying at MEU is to take one of the following exams that measure your level of knowledge of the English language:

TOEFL ITP (Institutional Testing Program Test of English as a Foreign Language)

TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language)

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

Duolingo English Test

Candidates will be admitted to one of the English levels offered at the English Language Institute according to the following scores:

Basic* 325-399 15-31 4.0-4.5 50-60
Intermediate 400-474 32-52 5.0 65-75
Advanced 475-524 53-70 5.5 80-90

*Students who score below this level may be able to participate in Beginner level courses.

Each of the levels is equivalent to an academic semester:

  • Fall Semester: August – December
  • Spring Semester: January – May
  • Summer Session: May – July


The English courses offered at MEU English Language Institute prepare students to develop the language skills needed to function in English and the academic skills necessary to succeed in university. Students study grammar, writing, reading and discussion, and listening and conversation.

At the basic and intermediate levels, students will take reading, writing, listening and speaking, and grammar for 20 class hours per week. At the advanced level, students will take reading, writing, and grammar for 15 hours per week.


MEU believes that actual teaching goes beyond the classroom. For this reason, English Language Institute students can participate in MEU-organized trips to historical and archaeological sites found in the Bible, including Baalbek, Tyre, Sidon, Tripoli, Byblos, and the famous cedars of Lebanon.

English Language Institute students can also participate in trips to other Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey. These trips bring students closer to the history, customs, and peculiarities of the Arab world.

*These trips are optional.


For information in Spanish and Portuguese, please check our brochures below: