At MEU we need committed, graceful, empowering, and loving people who influence students and the community’s hearts and minds with a life of professional competence, integrity, compassion, and faith, with a view toward eternity.

Core Values

Wisdom: A passion for learning, thinking, creating, and wholistically applying knowledge to life.

Faith: A spiritual environment that nurtures a personal faith in God.

Integrity: Ethical standards and personal moral character in all areas of life.

Compassion: Love, empathy, fairness, and respect are reflected in service to others.

Community: Unity and peace in diversity, enriched by understanding and dialogue.

Stewardship: Accountability in the use of resources, including time, health, influence, and the environment


The application process at MEU starts with the submission of your application letter and CV to the email indicated for each job. Then, it continues with the resume screening, interview, assessment test, background checks, and reference checks. It concludes with a decision and a job offer.

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