When you choose MEU, you choose a faith-based University. You choose to be part of a community that intentionally nurtures spiritual and moral life in the educational experience of its students.

In fact, our faith is the reason MEU exists. Our mission is “to influence the hearts and minds of students, empowering them to live lives of professional competence, integrity, compassion, and faith, with a view towards eternity.” We are here to develop the thought leaders, educators, and professionals of tomorrow as they make a difference in the world. Our holistic educational model encourages real world experiences guided by a living, meaningful faith.

While our Seventh-day Adventist Christian faith and values set us apart, you will find our campus both an embracing and a nurturing environment whether or not you share our distinct perspective. It is a place where you can draw closer to God and realize more fully His purposes for your life.

You can see how important faith is in the lives and teachings of our faculty, as they integrate faith, values, and learning together for your educational experience. You will find them encouraging you to do your best and succeed. They will care for you as their student as they mentor you and nurture your growth. They will see you as a person, and not as a number. That’s what makes Middle East University a special place.

Whatever your spiritual background is, you are welcome here at Middle East University.

We invite you to join our conversation. Build a foundation for a lifetime of faith and service.

You can see some of the ways we live our faith in these areas of the MEU experience: