Our students participate in as many campus extracurricular activities as they can. There are several campus student clubs sponsored by faculty/staff members, which give students the opportunity to complement their academic experience by developing talents, articulating self-expression, and growing meaningful friendships with their peers. Watch out for announcements to join the clubs at the beginning of each semester.

Art Club

As an outlet for student creativity on campus and beyond, the MEU Art Club supports artistic expressions that can bring awareness of spiritual, academic, social and environmental themes. 

It is also a fun way to develop new friendships and to learn new skills in the visual arts. Monthly activities involve creative projects (collage, design, painting/drawing) as well as opportunities to visit art events and museums in Beirut.

Business Club

Any MEU student can be a member of the Business Club, regardless of their major. Their activities include social events, learning to start and run a company, organizing workshops and seminars, supporting students to participate in competitions, and organizing field-trips to companies in Lebanon and abroad. The MEU Business Club provides its members with important skills, such as collaboration, public speaking, and creativity.

Joining the club may lead you to many opportunities like creating a successful company, running a business, and turning your vision into reality. Choose to be part of the club that will help you bring out your passion, unite energies and achieve goals.

Drama Ministry

The Drama Ministry Club meets every week to brainstorm, create, and rehearse inspirational sketches that illustrate real-life issues and how they can be met with biblical principles.  Its members are committed to expressing truth in a way that captures people’s imagination, and that helps them see themselves and their lives in a new way.

Recreational Sports

Many MEU students participate in the team sports activities on campus throughout each week. Our football field, tennis court, and basketball/volleyball court are available for the students to use. We organize intramural football games and volleyball games, and we join friendly games with other nearby universities. Annually, our community participates in the Beirut Marathon, as well as recreational snow activities.