Student Transformation

Middle East University’s vision is, by God’s presence and power, to facilitate the transformation of students into men and women who are distinguished by their personal, professional, service-oriented and faith-based lives. This is the vision that prepares local workers and lay members for leadership for God’s work in the MENA region. 


Rick McEdward, president of MENAUM

Institutional Transformation

This vision calls MEU into an institutional-level transformation that impacts every level of campus life, one so pervasive that it fundamentally changes the future trajectory of the University and opens broader missional opportunities.

This calls us to address our campus of three main 70-year-old buildings and reorient MEU’s physical environment with the significant capital improvement of a worship/media center.

Campus Map

MENA Trans-Media Group

The proposed Worship and Media Center will house MENA Trans-Media Group, transformational media mediation of mission outreach for MENA Union. As a recently formed collaborative, the Media Group coordinates video, audio, and print media that is developed for the MENA region. With a primary goal to reach the non-Christian younger generation, the Media Group produces content in the region’s three main languages: Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. YouTube video series, online Bible studies, radio podcasts, and books provide coordinated, multi-leveled pathways for seekers to progress in their search for God.

A constant flow of productions posted on social media and YouTube invite the 15 to 35-year-old target audience to find more information at online sites where follow-up mentors offer additional series, conversational Bible studies, and eventually are able to introduce seekers to a home group, a house church, or a local congregation where they can experience the fellowship of other Christians. 

MEU Is At A Faith Crossroads

The enormity of the projects, the missional calling we hear, and the support such projects require remind us that the possibilities ahead are something only God fully sees, intends, and empowers.

In dependence and humility, we make ourselves available to Him. We invite you to join us to claim His promise to be with us as He was with those who first invested in Middle East College/Middle East University.

MEU Is At An Inflection Point

We are called to embrace this transformational journey. We are appealing to you to join us. Only as we move together can we step beyond the common inclination to manage-and-maintain and recapture the vision, energy and passion of the pioneers of Middle East College and what God did through them.

Transformational Gifts

This vision invites transformational gifts from those who share this vision, gifts that are substantial enough to make a fundamental difference in fulfilling MEU’s strategic role in the mission of God in the MENA region. It also invites the larger world Church to continue and expand the conversation on MEU’s strategic role in mission to the 10/40 window.


We are receiving donations in the US through the PhilosCare Foundation. They provide the charitable receipt for income tax. Donations with debit or credit card can be made in the Donate button below. In the first page choose “MEU”, and in the second page under “Write a Note” write the name of the project you want to support (e.g. Worship & Media Center). Checks should be payable to “PhilosCare Corp” and sent to the address below with a note explaining the purpose of the donation (e.g. MEU – Worship & Media Center):

PhilosCare Corp
6753 Kingspointe Parkway, Suite #109
Orlando, FL 32819

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Carlos Biaggi or call +961.71.189650 or +1.240.428.4270.