Endowed Chairs

A gift to establish an endowment provides an invested pool of money to generate a reliable source of income in perpetuity. MEU invests the principal and uses the interest to support what the donor designates. 

Endowed Chairs are faculty positions permanently funded by an endowed gift that support faculty in their teaching, research, and service endeavors. Endowed faculty are crucial for recruiting and retaining the highest quality faculty, the most-creative researchers, and the most-engaged teachers.

Having endowed faculty means students get to rub elbows with the most talented scholars. One professor can touch hundreds of lives through the courses they teach, the students they mentor, and the service they provide. Students have the opportunity to learn not only from textbooks, but from the real world of innovation and discovery.

MEU is currently seeking gifts to fund an Endowed Chair of Accounting and Finance.

Thank you to all of those who contribute to these endowments through gifts to Middle East University. Our students are forever grateful for your continued support.

If you would like to establish an endowment, please email Dr. Carlos Biaggi or call +961.71.189650 or +1.240.428.4270.