MEU Students Need Your Help

August 5, 2023

Middle East University continues serving the people of Lebanon and the Middle East despite the mounting crises in Lebanon and the region. MEU continues to be a light on the hill, a place where intellectual curiosity and critical thinking are nourished, and a beautiful green campus. MEU continues to help young people find their purpose in life while being a family to them.


For most of the young people we serve, MEU is beyond their financial possibilities. But generous alumni and friends make possible their studies by supporting the Worthy Student Scholarship Fund. Last year this fund enabled 59 students to study at MEU.


Today, we are launching a fundraising campaign to raise the $120,000 needed so that 60 students can continue their studies at the end of August. Any small contribution, as a one-time donation or on a recurring monthly basis, will make a difference in the life of a young person.


If you want to know more about the Worthy Student Scholarship Fund and how to donate visit the Scholarship website.


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